Thursday, October 24, 2002  

Sam seems to have a new nightly routine. We put him to bed around 8:00, he gets out of bed around 8:03. We send him back to bed at 8:04, he gets out of bed at 8:06. We tell him that if he gets up again, he will get a spanking. We put him back to bed, he's up again at 8:09. We give him a spanking. He goes back to bed, he's up again at 8:12. At this point, he gets a) another spanking; b) told that he gets no computer tomorrow; or c) both. He goes back to bed, he's up again in 3 minutes. Notice a pattern? We're going slightly crazy . . .

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Monday, October 21, 2002  

I need to feel and then some,
I have five senses I need thousands more, at least.

Every day a page of paper,
Every night a photograph, a movable feast.

-Over the Rhine “The World Can Wait”

I have a roll of film that I haven't developed yet. It has twenty-four or twenty-five pictures on it, but I really only care about three.

Janna and I were a bit late to the Over the Rhine/Bill Mallonee and the Trophy Wives concert Friday night, what with traffic and all. It was a two-hour drive to Messiah College in Grantham, PA. When we got there, we began the lookout for Brubaker Auditorium, the ostensible location of the aforementioned show. When we found Brubaker Auditorium, we realized rather quickly that in Pennsylvania lingo, “Auditorium” is synonymous with “Gym.” Yup, the show was in the gym – basketball hoops aplenty. Fortunately, Messiah College (apparently this is where the Messiah lives, though we didn’t have time to look for His residence on campus – maybe next time), shelled out the dough for an A/V company to set up the concert. They did a really nice job – professional lighting rig, the whole deal. All in all, the acoustics were pretty good for a gymnasium.

Anyway, we came in late. Technically, it was just Bill Mallonee and the Trophy Wife, since it was only Bill and a drummer (Kevin Heuer, more on him later). They were three on four songs into the set when we came in. We found a couple of empty seats three rows up in the stands. There were about 10 rows of seats on the floor in front of us. We were pretty much at eye level with Bill. Not too far away, straight on center of the stage. Not bad for being half an hour late. Bill and Kevin played a whole set – they may have been the opening act, but apparently no one thought to tell them that. They played a good 15 songs, including a bunch of new stuff that will show up on albums in the next couple of months. As usual, Bill was simply brilliant. His witty banter between songs really won over the largely collegiate crowd with lines like (after about 12 or 15 songs), “You guys have been really gracious, I know we’re playing a long set . . . and we’re only halfway through.” They closed with the beautiful Resplendent. They were great, as they always are.

Then, during the intermission, I had the chance to have a nice conversation with Bill about a friend we have in common – Jason Killingsworth, who I talk about all the time. And, I got my traditional picture with Bill (I think I have 4 now). I also got a picture with Kevin who has the most wonderful spiky white hair that I have ever seen on a drummer. I’ll post the pictures here later.

I bought a $10 T-shirt and a tour poster for $5. I am very proud of them, even if Janna did say that my shirt is ugly. Phooey on her.

After the break, the lights went out and Karin and Linford took the stage. Karin was phenomenal – she seemed to be the one in charge on the stage. She did all the talking – Linford’s mute button was apparently on. But, Linford had one of the shining moments of the show when he told a story about going to a thrift store in Hagerstown, PA the day before. He was looking through the albums and came across one that, at first glance, seemed to be The White Album. But after turning it over, he realized that it was a recording of the Mennonite accapella choir that his mother and aunts were a part of. Their pictures were right there, on the back. What a find, huh?

Karin did a few songs solo, just her and the piano. She was stunning. Amazing. Magnificent. (Insert any superlative in here that you like). She said that she wanted to cover Bill’s Love Cocoon but couldn’t remember the words. What a tease.

They closed with a few of our favorites from Good Dog Bad Dog. Their set seemed a bit shorter than Bill’s, as if he had taken some of their time. No matter. I was satisfied.

After the show, we found Linford and Karin and schmoozed a bit about Bill and about our new baby. They were wonderfully friendly. Then, we got a picture of the four of us – me, Janna, Karin, and Linford. I can’t wait to have those pictures developed.

It was, frankly, the best show I’ve ever been to. It would be the equivalent of Capt. Flip Out going to see Buddy and Julie open for Steve Earle. Or Nate-Dogg seeing the Allman Bros play with Jerry Garcia. Imagine the Beatles touring with Elvis. That’s what this show was. It was that good.

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