Friday, April 18, 2003  

A Definition:

Disappointment: Finding a Superfriends DVD on the $5.88 rack at Wal-Mart, taking it up to the counter for purchase, and finding out that it was placed on the $5.88 rack by mistake, and actually costs $14.44.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003  

From The Pulse, with Bill O'Reilly, on March 6

"O’Reilly: 'If you are wrong, all right, and if the United States -- and they will, this is going to happen -- goes in, liberates Iraq, people in the street, American flags, hugging our soldiers, all right, we find all kinds of bad, bad stuff, all right, in Iraq, you gonna apologize to George W. Bush?'

Garofalo: 'I would be so willing to say I’m sorry, I hope to God that I can be made a buffoon of, that people will say you were wrong, you were a fatalist, and I will go to the White House on my knees on cut glass and say, hey, you were right, I shouldn’t have doubted you. But I think to think that is preposterous.'"

I hope she wears knee pads! The first mile is gonna be a killer . . .

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Monday, April 14, 2003  

'Nuff said.

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